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China Desk

DFDL’s China Desk is staffed by multi-lingual Chinese and international lawyers with years of experience dedicated to the business needs of Chinese clients. The DFDL China Desk is the go-to firm for Chinese businesses looking to expand their scope in Asia’s dynamic southern economies.
Drawing on DFDL’s international and local expertise in legal and tax services combined with our understanding of Chinese business culture and sensitivity to the special needs and interests of our Chinese clients. Our team is comprised of multi-lingual Chinese and international advisers who are highly experienced in working with Chinese business interests and are able to effectively provide a full range of services to Chinese companies operating from inside or outside the Greater China Region and which are looking to develop their operations internationally. DFDL’s China Desk maintains a focus on all aspects of business and investment opportunities in South and Southeast Asia, making DFDL the obvious first-choice firm for Chinese enterprises looking to expand in Asia’s dynamic developing markets.

Key Contacts

Managing Partner, Robin Lynn & Lee
+603 4813 0205
Business Development Consultant